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Sculpture - Prospectus

About the show

This show is all about three dimensional objects.  Works need to be freeform sculptures that are viewable from all sides.  THREE images of each entry will need to be submitted to properly judge each piece. Each view should show the piece at a different perspective. Traditional and experimental work are all welcome here.  Any media is eligible as long as it meets all other requirements. 

Each artist will have the opportunity to provide a short artist bio, and an artist statement about the work being submitted. 

Submission Deadline: JANUARY 15th 2018

Entry Fee: $7.00

Winner will receive a minimum of $50.00!  (We are looking for innovative, well made, and professionally presented artwork.)

What can I submit?

Each artist can submit up to 3 views of each entry piece to be considered for the show. 

The $7.00 allows each artist to submit up to 3 entry pieces. 


  • a photo of a sculpture of you made
  • 72 dpi
  • 700 pixels on the longest side
  • JPEG format
  • clear and well lit
  • professional quality images with minimal background
  • named correctly [artistlastname_artistfirstname_imagetitle_view#.jpeg


  • fan art or copyrighted material
  • too dark, crooked, or have busy or unprofessional backgrounds
  • any piece that has been in another exhibtion put on by AntoNova Gallery

How can I submit my art?

You will need to complete the Registration Form and pay the $7.00 fee.  Then email the images you wish to submit to before the deadline on JANUARY 15th, 2018.

  • Subject of the email should be Sculpture Submission
  • Please include your name and order number in the body of the email

Follow the link HERE when you are ready, or click SUBMIT in the navigation bar.

THANK YOU!  Please contact us if you have any questions.