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About the Artist - David Rodriguez

Artist Bio:

David Rodriguez is 39 years old and from Spain.  From an early age, David was attracted to the art world, but his love for photography did not start until 2013— the year he bought his first reflex camera. Shortly afterwards, he began to train himself through several courses. While studying, he discovered new photographers including Guy Bourdin and a photo that fascinated him enormously. In the picture, there was a girl under the water with her eyes and mouth open. David was enthralled with this image instantly, and used it as inspiration for the “Fresh” series. He did the shooting for “Fresh” taking advantage of a summer day in which the sun was at its peak.

Artist Statement: 

I like to photograph people, I feel very comfortable doing portraits, but I always try to go a little further. That is the reason why I try to look for risky compositions, with a touch of surrealism. Works like those of Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld or Guy Bourdin inspire me immensely.

Each person inspires me a different sensation, so before I do the shooting, I imagine how I would like to portray him or her. Then, I create a concept and imagine a story. I do not like to get attached to reality. Instead, I like to transform it, challenging the model with unusual situations. I play with the model, making each session a culture encounter, but also an enriching and surprising experience for both of us. The use of the photography techniques I use, whether high speed, long exposure or others, is determined by the conceptual preconception I had in mind.

I am especially interested in Pop Art. This is why all my works are in square format, as if they were the cover of a vinyl record.  In the future, I would like to explore the world of fashion photography.

Water has always been a source of inspiration for me. Series like “Fresh” or “Drops” are clear examples of this influence. It is possible that because of living in an island, it has always been a very common element in my life. However, I sometimes prefer to play with the imagination of the viewer, so I endow my photographs with a halo of mystery. This is the case of works like "Venus" and "Memories". In both, the technique of long exposure was applied to the portraits.


“Memories” is a series composed of several black and white photographs. In these photographs, the memories of a summer love are shown. Each of the photos represents a different past moment in time. These photos are full of symbols. The protagonists of the story look blurred, representing the memories that with the passing of time are fading. Neat parts symbolize the pain that remains  after the separation.

The series "Pool" (2017) is the logical continuation of the series "Fresh", 2016. About a year after, "Pool" moves us to one of those summer days in which the sun and the heat reign.  "Pool" is inspired by the paintings that David Hockney dedicated to the swimming pool, in which the different scenes are developed around one.  In this series, the minimalist compositions predominate, the geometric forms and the luminous colors, where the water and its movement have a special stardom.  The scenes that are shown are quite daily, giving the photographs a certain costumbrismo. The characters that appear in them are totally unconcerned, and seem to be enjoying a quiet pool day. We see them immersed, swimming and playing in an idyllic environment full of vivid colors in the purest pop art style.

The project titled “Remember” is a photo series of dreamlike images, almost unreal. These photographs are full of symbology. They represent people who, for one reason or another, disappear from our lives when summer is gone. The same line, follows the series “Faded”, unfocused portraits of people.

My last project is “Fresh II” (2017). This photo shoot is the continuation of “Fresh” (2016).  I wanted to explore the relationship between human and water as we are made of it too. There´s a material and spiritual relation between us and this element.  It is fascinating to observe this relationship, to see how they move, what they do, what they may be thinking or feeling.