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About Us

Our Mission


Here at AntoNova Gallery we love not only showcasing excellent art, but we love rewarding artists for making wonderful things.  Our overall goal is to be able to provide cash awards for juried shows, and eventually being able give out generous scholarships for college, and develop a grant program. 

We want to be a global community and reach as many people as we can with our funding and your amazing artwork.  Share us whenever you can as often as you can! Thanks!

Also, in order for our dream to become a reality, you can purchase merchandise with our logo on it (currently in the works).



Danielle Doctor is the creator and owner of AntoNova Gallery.  She is extremely passionate about the arts in all its forms.  Visual Arts is her specialty area, and she is an alumni of the University of North Florida.  Painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, and sculpture are the areas Danielle is the most educated in.  She is now diving into some new materials and techniques for her own art, which can be seen at 

Danielle has formally taught visual art for four years.  In that four year span, she has mentored many students from ages 3 to 19 in public school and after school enrichment programs.  She currently teaches for a local organization, Art League of Jacksonville.

She also participates in some volunteer activities with an organization called I Still Matter.   "I Still Matter embraces the power of peer support to foster mental and emotional healing through art and creative expression."